Welcome to Hillrich Training

Our Story: Hillrich Training came about as a result of the rapid growth of Hillrich Care, our Full Service Recruitment Company for the Nursing, Health and Social Care Industry.


Hillrich Care grew quickly and as a result, we had literally hundreds of individuals coming through the door wanting to work with us.


On inspecting the Training the majority of people were undertaking, we quickly realised that the standards of training available to the Industry were massively variable, to say the least.  What concerned us was that we had no control over the quality of training that our people had and that the training was being delivered by a myriad of different companies.


We took the decision that in order for us to be confident, Hillrich Colleagues would have to have Training that we knew was total quality with no variables in content, trainer, equipment and delivery.


With this, we launched Hillrich Training initially to just train our Colleagues. The feedback we received from this was fantastic, from the people undertaking the training themselves to our customers with whom our colleagues were working.


Comments from our customers like “your staff are so knowledgeable and confident” and “who does your staff training?” were becoming commonplace. Because of this, our customers wanted to send their staff on our training. We embraced this as it shows a massive level of confidence in us from our customers.


From here, we rolled out Hillrich Training to the whole industry……


  • Classroom Based Training

    All our main training courses are undertaken at Head Office in our training room.

  • Online Training

    We have a myriad of online training courses available. These are only ever used for refreshing topics and never used as the yearly update training. This is always undertaken in the Classroom.